Can Sectional Title Trustees Pass Resolutions Through WhatsApp?

In the contemporary digital era, electronic communication platforms such as WhatsApp are frequently used even for formal decisions. This prompts a crucial question for trustees of sectional title schemes: Is it legally valid to pass resolutions via WhatsApp?.....

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Annual Council Tariff Hikes: Top Tips for Saving Electricity and Water

Annual council tariff hikes, this document contains top tips for saving electricity and water.....

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Understanding the Community Scheme Ombud Service (CSOS)

Living in a sectional title scheme, or home owners association, offers many benefits, but it also comes with its fair share of ‘complex’ challenges.....

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Demystifying Rights & Responsibilities of Exclusive Use Right Holders

In South Africa, the Sectional Titles Act and its regulations govern the rights and responsibilities of exclusive use right ('EUA') holders.....

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Demystifying Community Scheme Living: Answers to the most commonly asked queries

Living in a community scheme in South Africa brings numerous advantages, but it can also pose questions for property owners.....

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Electricity Saving Tips

This document provides a concise yet comprehensive guide on practical ways to save electricity and reduce your energy bills. It includes tips and strategies for making your home more energy-efficient.....

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Water Saving Tips

This document offers a brief and informative guide on how to save water in your daily life. It presents a range of practical tips and techniques that can help you reduce water consumption.....

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The Significance of Community Scheme Levies: Ensuring Stability and Sustainability

As the leading managing agents and sectional title experts in Gauteng, we recognise the crucial role that community scheme levies play.....

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Solar Panels in Sectional Title Schemes

In light of the prevailing power crisis in South Africa, caused by recurring load shedding, finding alternative.....

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The importance of Insurance Valuations

Severe weather events, floods and fires are a reminder of the importance of having adequate insurance cover in place.....

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Body Corporate Rules & Amendments

If you are the owner or trustee of a property in a sectional title scheme, you are automatically a member of the body corporate.....

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How to evict a tenant

Breaking up is hard to do. The landlord/tenant relationship should be a mutually beneficial one – and in most cases, it is.....

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Nuisance in Community Schemes

Just like family, you cannot choose your neighbours, and this can result in anything from close friendships to conflict over alleged nuisance behaviour.....

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Common Property Play Areas

One of the advantages of living in an estate or complex is the fact that you and your family benefit from shared facilities on common property.....

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Our key values define what we stand for

All companies have values – what differentiates Solver Property Services is that we do not just talk about our values; we live them.....

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Role of the committee explained

If you own a property in a community scheme (Body Corporate, Homeowners Association or Share Block), you are automatically a member of the scheme, and that of course comes with certain rights and responsibilities.....

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Owners Guide To Community Living

As South Africa’s population is increasing, the prospect of community living has become a favourable solution for many South Africans....

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Holiday peace of mind

Summer has finally arrived, and many of us will be looking forward to getting away for some quality family time on the beach, in the bush or in the mountains....

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Supervision around swimming pools

If your complex or estate has a swimming pool in the common area, families with kids will no doubt be looking forward to spending time in and around it as the weather gets warmer....

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JHB Managing Agents

Moisture & rising damp

Water, water everywhere – but who pays?

Water is vital for life, and is of course essential for cooking, hygiene and many leisure activities. However, uncontained water in a property can cause significant issues....

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Gauteng Managing Agents

Toilets are not bins

Toilets are an essential feature of homes – and they are also something we give very little thought to, day-to-day. Until of course, there is an issue. A blocked or leaking toilet or sewage pipe quickly becomes a smelly, unpleasant problem that can cost a lot to have fixed....

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Homeowners Association Management

Proxies in Body Corporates and Homeowners’ Associations

If you are an owner or a resident in a sectional title scheme....

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Property Management Services

POPI is about to bloom – but how will it affect you?

POPI stands for the Protection of Personal Information Act....

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HOA Property Managers

Internal Pipes and Sectional Title

In sectional title developments, disputes can arise when repair bills are incurred....

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Residential property management

Live and let live

By definition, a community scheme involves shared use of certain areas....

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Property professionals

The Benefits Of Hiring A Managing Agent

Solver Property Services specialise in managing sectional title and homeowners’ associations....

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Sectional Title managing agents Johannesburg

Selling Your Home: The Transfer Process

Selling your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and for most people, it will be one of their most significant transactions. South African law has a clear set of rules in place regarding the rights and responsibilities of both buyer and...

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The Right Way to Resolve Disputes in Community Schemes

If you live in a Residential Estate, Sectional Title or any kind of Community Living Scheme, you'll appreciate how important it is to have good neighbours. There are times, however, when even good neighbours disagree with each other. When disputes arise, who is...

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Cannabis in Sectional Titles: A Complex Issue

The Solver Property Services team thought that we would touch on a much-debated topic in our Community Schemes: “Cannabis in Sectional Title Developments” At the end of September 2018, the Constitutional Court passed legislation decriminalising the use of marijuana in...

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Solver Properties

Homeowners Association or Sectional Title Body Corporate: What’s the Difference?

If the safety and security offered by a townhouse Community Scheme appeal to you, you will want to learn more about Sectional Title Bodies Corporate and Homeowners Associations. In this article, we’ll explain how they differ from each other, what they share in common...

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Airbnb and Community Schemes: Latest Developments

In September 2017, the City of Cape Town launched a survey on short term rentals, in particular, online booking platforms such as Airbnb and The aim of the survey was to gather information that could be used to develop a policy or regulations that would...

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Best managing agents

Geyser Related Insurance Claims

In this article, we cover some commonly asked questions relating to burst geysers / geyser claims in the majority of Sectional Title developments. Geyser Claims: Having hot water on demand is certainly a comfort we have grown accustomed to, the real problem begins...

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Complex management

What are Committee Members?

In this article, we touch on the subject of What are Committee Members and the role they play in a community scheme. Committee Members: Being a committee member can be very rewarding but it is also a huge responsibility. Some may argue that being a committee member is...

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Apartment management

Maintenance vs Insurance in Community Schemes

In this article, we touch on the subject of Maintenance Vs Insurance in Community Schemes. Owners in community schemes all too often misconstrue maintenance and/or insurance matters. We aim to shed some light on the difference between the two and hopefully create a...

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HOA managing agents

What is Good Neighbourliness?

In this article, we touch on the subject of “Good Neighbourliness” in Community Schemes; how it impacts communal living and how it can be implemented. Community Schemes: Community Scheme living is quickly becoming a preferred dwelling option for many South...

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Arrear Levy Collection Procedure

The purpose of this article is to assure owners who are paying, that there is a collection process and to educate non-payers of the process in recovering levies. Levies: Few people realise the importance of paying levies in a community scheme. Some even believe that...

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What is a Chairperson and what is their role?

In this article, we touch on the subject of What is a chairperson and his/her role in a community scheme. The Chairperson: A common question in community schemes is “What is a Chairperson and what role do they fulfill?” While it sounds “prestigious”, it can be a...

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HOA Management

Pets in Community Schemes

In this article, we touch on the subject of pets in Sectional Title Complexes and Homeowners Associations. Pets: This is one of the most debatable subjects any BC or HOA will have to deal with and mainly comes into play in the conduct rules of the BC and HOA. These...

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Complex managing agents

Community Scheme Levies

In this article, we touch on the subject of Community Scheme Levies, why it is a necessity and the impact non-payment has on community schemes. What Are Levies: In a Community Scheme, levies are a part of everyday life and have even been referred to as the “life...

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