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Solver have been managing complexes effectively since 2005. We believe in complete transparency and are committed to being at the heart of your community.

Sales & Rentals

Solver offer a Sales & Rentals solution for many of our clients. If you interested in selling, buying or renting, please contact our sales and rentals division.


Our online portal gives owners access to statements and other complex specific documents. Committee members get the added benefit of access to real time financial information

What is a Chairperson and what is their role?

In this article, we touch on the subject of What is a chairperson and his/her role in a community scheme. The Chairperson: A common question in community schemes is “What is a Chairperson and what role do they fulfill?” While it sounds “prestigious”, it can be a...

Pets in Community Schemes

In this article, we touch on the subject of pets in Sectional Title Complexes and Homeowners Associations. Pets: This is one of the most debatable subjects any BC or HOA will have to deal with and mainly comes into play in the conduct rules of the BC and HOA. These...

Community Scheme Levies

In this article, we touch on the subject of Community Scheme Levies, why it is a necessity and the impact non-payment has on community schemes. What Are Levies: In a Community Scheme, levies are a part of everyday life and have even been referred to as the “life...