Sole & Exclusive Mandate to Rent Agreement

I / We (Owner/Spouse or Co-Owner) – Name/s:

(hereinafter referred to as "the Landlord")

Being the registered owner/s, or duly authorised representative/s of the Landlord/s of the below-mentioned property:

(hereinafter referred to as “the Property” and domicilium)

Hereby grant Solver Sales & Rentals Pty Ltd ("the Agent") a Sole and Exclusive Mandate to market and rent the above-mentioned Property in terms of this agreement of mandate (“the Mandate") on the following terms and conditions:

The gross rental price agreed to by the Landlord for the Property or such price as may be agreed to in writing between the Landlord and the Agent from time to time ("the Rental Price").

The mandate hereby granted shall commence upon signature of this agreement and shall remain in force until the conclusion of the mandate duration stipulated below ("the Mandate Period").
Mandate Duration (Months)

The Landlord shall pay the Agent a sales commission of the agreed amount, plus VAT thereon (if applicable). The Landlord will be liable to the Agent for commission if the Property is rented during the mandate period by the Agent, the Landlord, or by any other person and/or entity. The Landlord will be liable to the Agent for commission if the Property is rented, during the mandate period by the Agent, for the full rental price, or any amount mutually agreed by the Landlord and Purchaser. And lastly, the Landlord will be liable to the Agent for commission if the Property is rented after termination of the mandate period to any person who was introduced to the Property during the mandate period.
Undertakings by the agent
  1. The Agent shall advertise the Property in accordance with the Agent’s standard advertising policy;
  2. The Agent shall report to the Landlord from time to time in respect of progress made in marketing the Property.
Undertakings by the Landlord
  1. The Landlord undertakes not to grant any other Estate Agent / Agency, or any other person or entity, during the period of this mandate, the right to market and sell the property.
  2. Subject to the relevant Municipal Regulations and By-Laws, the Landlord gives consent to the Agent to place a “To Rent” board on or outside the Property.
  3. The Landlord agrees to entrust the keys of the Property to the Agent for safekeeping and to use at the Agent’s reasonable discretion.
  4. The Landlord undertakes to disclose, in writing, to the Agent all defects or problems relating to the Property of which it is aware of at the time of entering into this mandate.
  5. The Landlord undertakes not to do anything which might prevent, frustrate or hinder the Agent from effecting a rental deal of the Property in terms hereof. For such purposes, “prevent, frustrate or hinder” shall, without in any way limiting the generality will include: 1). a refusal by the Landlord to accept a bona fide written offer submitted to it by the Agent during the mandate period to rent the Property on the terms stated herein; and 2) a refusal to co-operate with the Agent in the latter’s endeavours to rent the Property, including but not limited to, denying the Agent the right to market the Property, denying the Agent to erect “To Rent” boards and by denying the Agent access to the Property at reasonable times for the purpose of showing it to potential purchasers.

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I confirm that I have read the Mandate Guide found on the Solver Website and by selecting approve, I accept and agree to the terms and conditions therein.

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