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The Benefits Of Hiring A Managing Agent

Property professionals
Solver Property Services specialise in managing sectional title and homeowners’ associations.

Quality assured managing agents

Our aim is to have portfolio management teams allocated to each complex and estate. A team consists of a Portfolio Manager, a Portfolio Administrator, and a Financial Controller. The purpose of the team comes with several benefits: availability and accessibility; operational continuity and more.

The experienced portfolio managers attend weekly meetings and have access to various supporting structures and departments (Legal, Debt Collection, Creditors, Building Management, Insurance and more)

The experienced portfolio managers attend weekly meetings and have access to various supporting structures and departments (Legal, Debt Collection, Creditors, Building Management, Insurance and more)

Transparent managing agents

Solver’s property management allows owners and Trustees / Directors to view a vast mine of information regarding their complex / estate. This provides for complete transparency and allows us to effectively manage the complexes compliance requirements. Our Trustees / Directors have viewing rights to the software AND bank account in real time. We cannot even process a journal entry without our Trustees / Directors seeing it. Needless to say, herewith a brief summary:

As a registered owner, you can view:
  • Detailed levy statements, invoices and receipts
  • Rules for the complex
  • Previous newsletters
  • Any warning letters or jobs linked to your property
  • Plans (where available)

Enhanced high-level access for our trustees/directors
  • Comprehensive real-time financial information
  • Details of any arrears
  • Real-time feedback from the attorneys for any legal matters
  • Full tracking of transfer of ownership requests
  • Detailed tracking of jobs and warning letters
  • Annual complex planner (events, targets and compliance requirements)

Funds and Financial Management

An individual bank account in the name of the community scheme will be opened (If one does not already exist). We have negotiated a structure with Standard Bank that enables our clients to enjoy the benefit of bulk preferential interest rates on any funds held in such accounts, savings or operational.

Kindly note that we provide our clients with direct access to all the live, financial information. Viewing rights directly into the bank account can also be arranged should this interest you. We pride ourselves on complete transparency

Debtors Management

Over and above your requirements, we have a further step whereby we insist on monthly meetings with the attorneys. This ensures that all matters are given priority and are being handled efficiently.

Many Trustees and Owners do not know that managing agents that are collecting arrear levies need to be registered debt collectors and are governed by regulated fees. In this instance, you can be assured that Solver holds all the necessary licences to operate legally.

Efficient and cost-effective property maintenance

Solver assist in managing all necessary repairs and maintenance to common property. The managing agent has a list of preferred contractors (Vetted by Solver and/or the community scheme) which often provide better rates because of the volume of work given to them. By identifying and repairing any maintenance issues early on, the complex / estate can avoid larger and more expensive problems. An experienced managing agent will tell you that the key to maintaining and increasing the value of your property is preventive maintenance. This requires regular maintenance checks and inspections.

Solver’s Property Management division has 2 branches: Our head office in Bedfordview and a Gauteng South branch. We do however service complexes throughout Gauteng. Solver also manage complexes in Kwazulu Natal and Mpumalanga too.

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