How can you benefit?

  • Experience – Solver has been managing Community Schemes effectively since 2005
  • Professional service with a more personal touch
  • More “hands on” service – alleviates a lot of pressure from Trustees / Directors / Scheme Executives
  • Multiple staff certified with scheme management through UCT
  • Member of the National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA)
  • Member of the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB)
  • Registered with the Financial Intelligence Centre
  • Covered by PIMA (Professional Indemnity for Managing Agents)
  • Registered with the Debt Collectors Council as required by the Magistrate Act.

Effective & Efficient Support:

  • With professionally certified and experienced staff
  • With complete transparency – We offer our clients full viewing rights to the bank and accounting platform
  • With our industry leading monthly management reporting which helps Trustees / Directors / Scheme Executives make informed financial and management decisions. Over and above this, our monthly reporting includes tracking of jobs, warning letters, fines and recent sale prices
  • We can offer Trustee training and workshops at scheduled times in the year

General Functions & Assistance:

  • We ensure compliance of any Management, Conduct or “House” rules
  • We attend to the Community Schemes bookkeeping and finances including the invoicing of levies (as well as meter reading and utility billing if need be) to the relevant owners and payment of monthly expenses
  • We compile comprehensive monthly management reports for Directors / Trustees / Scheme Executives
  • We administer all / any insurance claims relating to the property of the community scheme
  • We prepare, organise and attend Directors /Trustee / Scheme Executives / General meetings, including the compiling and distributing the minutes
  • We arrange the maintenance and repairs of machinery or fittings of common property
  • We comply with any notices / instructions from the Directors / Trustees / Scheme Executives of the Community Scheme
  • We professionally guide you with ensuring the regulatory compliance of the Community Scheme


At Solver we understand that Scheme Executives do not always have the time to concern themselves too much in the issues of the community scheme, so we try to alleviate as much work as possible from them.

What differs us from other companies is that our “hands on” style of management enables us to focus more attention to our clients, making our management more efficient and personal.

Our industry leading comprehensive monthly management reporting helps Trustees / Directors / Scheme Executives make more informed decisions and through the tracking of the sale prices we are able to give valuable input to assist with the running of the Community Scheme

Arrear levy property management


Included in our fees, we offer the following services over and above our standard offerings and free of charge to the developing company:

  • We will open of a bank account in the name of the development
  • We assist by obtaining all / any quotations necessary in respect to service providers (security, garden service etc.)
  • Various insurance quotations will be obtained and a letter of advice from a certified broker will be presented to the developer
  • Solver will liaise with the attorneys regarding the proposed rules for the development including assisting with compiling such proposed rules
  • Solver contacts all new owners, welcomes them to the Community Scheme and provides them with the relevant documentation and contact information
  • A key handover day/s at the Community Scheme can also be arranged. This will include meeting all the owners on site before they take occupation
  • A welcome pack congratulating them on their purchase and a copy of the Management & Conduct Rules for their record keeping
  • Preparation of a detailed budget for the Community Scheme to determine levies
  • We will also see to the preparation, organisation and attendance of the Inaugural General Meeting of the new owners of the Community Scheme
  • We encourage and attend monthly management meetings with the developing company and the other professional providers during the development and planning phases to discuss progress on the development; to offer guidance on the practicalities of the development; and to address any items that need to be addressed

Homeowners Association managing agents

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